Chinese Beauty girls top No.1 Zhang Xiao Yu(张筱雨)

Zhang Xiao Yu was born in northeast China's Heilongjiang, in July 2007 the North China from Jilin University. Her body in China for the European launch of photography website MET-ART scale close to pornography, "body art" photo, the network was launched in 2007 had attracted attention.
Chinese Name: Zhang Xiao Yu (zhāng xiǎo yǔ)
Nationality: Heilongjiang
Nationality: Chinese
Date of birth: June 6, 1985 (Lunar New Year on April 18)
School: North China University of Jilin
Constellation: Gemini
Height: 163cm
Weight: 49kg
Blood type: O type
Visual acuity: 4.9


Political: members
Major: Biological Sciences
Duration: 4 years
Education: Bachelor
Language: Chinese
English level: National 4
Computer level: national secondary
Occupation: Model
Specialty: painting, dancing, computers, courseware, take pictures, etc.
Favorite color: white
Favorite season: Autumn
Favorite Stars: Su Zhiyuan, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Zhang Ziyi
Favorite Movie: Titanic
Favorite song: Listen to the words of her mother
Favorite fruit: pineapple
Favorite animal: Shepherd
Favorite city: Shanghai, Beijing
Favorite number: 21
Learning Experiences
September 1991 -1 997 primary schools in June estuary
September 1997 -2000 Harbin in June Masan Junior High School
September 2000 -2003 Experimental Middle School of Jilin City in July
September 2003 -2 007 years in July, Jilin University, North China University of Honor was awarded the school first and second professional scholarship; 2004-2005 was rated "outstanding member"

Personal Work
Issue date vector works
2007-05-06 "Attractivel" 3000 pixel 62
2007-05-20 "Charm" 30 million pixels 80
2007-07-04 "pure" QuickTime Movie 2.5 minutes
2007-07-11 "Sunshine" 30 million pixels 100
2007-07-25 "Gui" 30 million pixels 50
2007-08-20 "angel" QuickTime Movie 2 minutes
2007-08-22 "In the Mood for Love" 18 million pixels 50
2007-09-25 "summit" 30 million pixels 36
2007-10-01 "Court" 25 million pixels 26
2007-11-03 "Style 119" 25 million pixels 30
2007-11-10 "clean bath" QuickTime movies 4 minutes
2007-11-17 "flower bath" 20 million pixels 20
2008-01-01 "Sand Grass" 2500 pixel 46
2008-01-10 "Changbai Mountain" WMV (640X340) video 5 minutes
2008-01-15 "tower style" WMV (640X340) video 5 minutes
2008-01-18 "Water attic" WMV (640X340) video 4 minutes
2008-02-01 "Gold to Beijing" WMV (640X340) video 7 minutes
2008-02-07 "North Love" DIVX720 high-definition video 2 minutes
2008-02-16 "waters of the beautiful evening," 25 million pixels 27
2008-03-06 "Zhen" 25 million pixels 27
2008-03-08 "final pay tribute to" 25 million pixels 38
2008-03-25 "special review" DIVX720 high-definition video 5 minutes
2008-06-04 "Portrait of a group of" 30 million pixels 20
2008-10-26 "Life is Beautiful 1" 30 million pixels 79
2008-10-28 "Beautiful Life 2" WMV (640X340) video 3.5 minutes
2008-11-04 "Beautiful Life 3" WMV (640X340) video 4.5 minutes
2008-11-07 "Beautiful Life 4" 30 million pixels 90
2008-11-11 "Beautiful Life 5" WMV (640X340) video 5.5 minutes
2009-11-9 "final task" 720P HD 2 minutes

Zhang Xiao Yu Body

The first step: practice yoga
Zhang Xiao Yu: "To exercise, but exercise should not be too keen, so I suggest that beauty my friends do yoga." Comment: If you are a beginner, it should be from Kazakhstan began to practice yoga, hot yoga practice is not appropriate. Under high temperature hot yoga, energy and a great, does not help beginners learn the basic yoga postures.
Beginners, best to learn with a teacher, buy books or CDs, is difficult to uphold, it is difficult to learn. Moreover, the best to select a professional some of the yoga studio. Learn the basic postures and breathing, the longer their own practice. If the economy is not allowed, then buy a CD-ROM learning, you can, but pay attention to his stick ... ...
Step Two: Legs
Zhang Xiao Yu: "When we go to bed every night on the bed legs, face, legs relax, take about half an hour."
Zhang Xiao Yu Comments: sit in the office the day of the OL are the most troublesome is that the leg is swollen, and sitting all day, then the leg is easy to water, blood flow becomes blocked. Especially in the open almost every day, air-conditioned office, more or less swollen at their troubled OL. Relax for half an hour a day for the Elimination of leg edema is an effective oh ... ...
Step Three: Massage
Zhang Xiao Yu: "Incidentally, when the bath rub lotion massage, this is enough."
Comment: If not, then take a bath every day, we should also pay attention to body massage. To the leg, for example, can use both hands while kneading the muscles of the lower leg of the calf on one side and down from the middle of the massage, kneading the muscles by constantly changing, repeat 5 times. About the same cloth as the screw tightening the muscles of the lower leg calf, from ankle to knee twist changing the place, repeat 5 times. Oh ... there will be an unexpected effect ...
Step Four: Jianxiong Sports
Who would not have fit in the chest, where sent to you Jianxiong secret 2.
A: The folder under the arms on both sides of a magazine, looked up, chest, arm strength in the maintenance of 10 minutes each time.
B: focus, finger up, hands combined.
C: straight forward hard with both hands, fingers forward.
Step Five: kick hip method
Put his hands on the back of a chair, straighten the back leg kick, the more slowly the higher the kick, every time to do 20 times, his legs turn, persist in preventing Tunbuxiachui.
Step Six: elegant standing
To show your temperament and respect for others, elegant stance is very important.
A: Cross natural drooping hands, chest, narrow abdomen, knees close together, heels Press closer, toes slightly open.
B: left foot as the center of gravity of 45 degrees direction toe up, toe right foot forward, left foot heel tightly attached, the stop method is the standard model standing, wearing high heels when choosing this stance, the U.S. curve quite .
C: station, Do not hump.
D: This stance is too arbitrary, it is unsightly.
Step Seven: well-behaved sitting
Zhang Xiao sitting pretty in the rain, you can give your impression of extra points.
A: both hands gently on the legs, feet together put away, this is the most basic posture.
B, C: Light up the legs with both hands, feet close together or overlapping diagonal diagonal, is another graceful posture.
D: This is the feeling of sitting with others frivolous, no education ... ...
Step eight: downsizing exercise before bed pillow
1, standing, hands raised pillow.
2, the pillow held to their heads. Repeat 8-10 times to do.
3, standing, legs apart to shoulder width, hands holding a pillow up his chest.
4-6, to maintain focus, move the pillow to your right, after the left.
Summary: Zhang Xiao Yu: "The youth, basically we should seriously."
Zhang Xiao Yu, I do not love sports, read her body art photos of friends all know that there are many women of her dream of slim build, she can not maintain a slim body movement is the secret of her fitness plastic body with professional teacher offered him "Weight-Loss Cookbook" ... ... Beauty Weight Loss Recipe: Monday morning: coffee, apple. Lunch: rice (1 bowl) fried potatoes green pepper silk, raw cucumber (1), purple bud soup. Night: boiled shrimp (number only), Tofu, cold raw onions, celery buds. Beauty Weight Loss Recipe: Tuesday morning: porridge (1 bowl), bread (1 slice), grapes. L: carp carrot tofu soup, boiled eggs (1), green salad. Late: mung bean porridge (1 bowl), bread (1), Health and mud mixed tomato, raw cucumber (1). Beauty Weight Loss Recipe: Wednesday morning: Oolong tea, kiwi. L: burning bamboo shoots, broccoli salad, boiled eggs (1). Beauty Weight Loss Recipe: Thursday morning: rice gruel (a small bowl), whole wheat bread (1), orange (1). Lunch: roast beef, vegetables, salad, winter melon soup, raw tomatoes (1). Night: polenta (1 bowl), bread (1), burning asparagus, raw cucumber 1. Beauty Weight Loss Recipe: Friday morning: coffee, apple. Lunch: rice (1 bowl), prime lentil stew, stir-fried vegetables, winter melon soup. Night: chicken, roast carrots, celery salad. Beauty Weight Loss Recipe: Saturday morning: porridge (1 bowl), and orange. L: boiled eggs (1), burning fish, mushrooms stir-fried vegetables. Night: sweet potato porridge (1 bowl), spinach salad, bread (1 2). Beauty Weight Loss Recipe: Sunday morning: green tea, apple. L: carrots, celery and pork liver, boiled eggs (1), tomato soup. Late: mung bean porridge, garlic mixed kelp, steamed bun (1 2), Health and cucumber (1).
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